THC Moon Rocks

Browse our selection of premium THC moon rocks for those who want a taste of the “cannabis caviar.” These otherworldly forms of cannabis are potent and versatile — use them in a vape or incorporate them into a pre-roll. All of our moon rocks are for sale without a prescription.

A THC moon rock is a cannabis bud dipped in oil, and you will need to separate it by hand prior to consuming it. Most users prefer to smoke moon rocks through a glass pipe, although you can also add it to a rolled joint. Our moon rocks are more concentrated than our pre-rolls for sale, and each flavor is enriched with hemp-derived terpenes to ensure an intense, delightful aroma in every puff. Try our unique flavors like Golden Pineapple and Wedding Cake.

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How are THC moon rocks made?

Moon rocks are small buds of hemp flowers that are drenched in an extract like hash oil or Delta-8 distillate. The moon rocks are then coated in kief, which is the fine powder-like residue that falls out when sifting cannabis flowers. The resulting product has a high overall THC concentration and resembles an asteroid or a rock from the moon, hence the name.

How potent are THC moon rocks?

While there’s some variance from batch to batch, moon rocks are generally about twice as strong as typical THC joints for sale in stores. That said, moon rocks give you the freedom to set your own dosage by pulling off the exact amount you’d like to smoke. We recommend starting small to see how the product affects your body.

How can I consume THC moon rocks?

Moon rocks are intended to be smoked or vaped, not eaten. The material can feel sticky. We recommend using your fingers or a pair of scissors to separate the moon rock before smoking it — do not put the moon rock into a grinder because the oil may clog your appliance. Then, you can vape moon rocks straight off a dry herb vaporizer or roll them into homemade joints. Many people prefer glass pipes or bongs, again because the material can be sticky. You may find this is easier to hold.

How long do the effects of THC moon rocks last?

Ultimately, the answer depends on various factors related to your metabolism, body weight, and your level of THC tolerance. As with other smokable cannabinoids, the effects may kick in almost immediately and peak at about 30 minutes after inhaling. If you are new to THC products, you may continue to feel some effects for as long as twelve hours after smoking. Most users report that the effects wear off after three or four hours.

Is it legal in Texas to buy moon rocks for sale without a prescription?

Yes. Our THC moon rocks are made with CBG flower and Delta-8 distillate, all derivatives of hemp, which is legal on the federal level. Texas 420 Doctors helps eligible Texans connect with medical cannabis, and our products are legal to purchase and consume in Texas. Call 833-420-1710 or email for more information.

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