Vape Batteries

Vaping is a convenient way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of THC without the hassle of preparing joints or other conventional implements for cannabis. Our collection of flavored vapes is powered by premium quality vape batteries which help you keep your device charged and ready to go.

Many people consider vaping to be more discreet than smoking a joint. Relatively odorless and easily transportable in your pocket or bag, vapes offer a convenient and hassle-free experience. Carrying a spare battery for your vape cart prevents dry spells and enables you to use your vape when you need it. Although you don’t need a prescription to purchase vape batteries while in Texas, registered members of Texas 420 Doctors enjoy 10% off of every order.

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What are vapes?

A vape is an electronic smoking device. The device allows you to inhale vapor rather than smoke. Vapes are a popular substitute for pre-rolled joints while featuring many of the same benefits of cannabinoids.

What is a THC vape?

“Vape” is a broad term and does not necessarily refer to a hemp-based product. A THC vape specifies that the device contains cannabis products.

Which flavors are available in vapes?

Our vapes come in an array of flavors to suit every preference. Choose from flavors such as Wedding Cake, Watermelon Zittles, Berries and Cream, Girl Scout Cookie, and many more.

How do you insert vape batteries into the cartridge?

Changing a vape battery is similar to using a flashlight or other handheld electronic device. Simply find the latch and hold it open to spring back the battery compartment. Then drop the vape battery in and shut the latch. Your vape is ready to use!

How long does a vape battery last?

Commonly, vape batteries last from six to twelve months. However, this may vary depending on the frequency of your use.

Is a replaceable vape battery better than an internal battery?

Yes, having replaceable batteries for your vape cart can actually be an advantage as you can carry spare batteries with you when you’re running errands or traveling for long durations. An additional advantage is that it is much less expensive to simply buy new batteries to replace your older ones, rather than buying a whole new vape cartridge with an internal battery. Most people don’t notice a difference between the types of batteries when using the vape.

Is vaping safe for everyone?

Delta-10 is generally safe to consume. We advise that you speak to your doctor first if you are pregnant, nursing, or undergoing medical treatment.

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