Delta-8 THC Softgels

If you’re looking for a cannabis product but prefer not to smoke or vape, Delta-8 THC capsules are the ideal choice. Smooth and easily ingestible, THC softgels are a great option for safe at-home use. Each capsule contains 25mg of THC and is composed of full-spectrum hemp extract. Many people report feelings of pain relief and euphoria after consuming Delta-8.

While Delta-8 is commonly known as a ‘sister’ compound to Delta-9, Delta-8 comes without the worry of psychoactive side effects. This makes Delta-8 softgels a viable way to experience many of the pain-relieving benefits associated with CBD while still maintaining homeostasis and your natural wellbeing.

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What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp plants. Chemically speaking, Delta-8 is an isomer of the more well-known Delta-9, but it does not produce the same psychoactive side effects. The Delta-8 we use in our softgels is extracted from CBD to aid with mass production.

How does Delta-8 THC work?

By binding to receptors, Delta-8 helps to influence the signals being sent to the brain. This effect can reduce feelings of pain and inflammation in the body. In this respect, Delta-8 THC works similarly to over-the-counter pain-killing medicine.

Are Delta-8 softgels safe for children?

Our products are meant for adults of legal age only.

How many Delta-8 capsules can I take at a time?

Take only 1 softgel every 4 hours, and do not exceed the maximum capacity of 2 pieces within six hours.

Where should I store my Delta-8 softgels?

Store your softgel in a cool and dry place, away from the reach of children.

Can I purchase Delta-8 THC capsules without a prescription?

Yes, you can purchase these capsules without a prescription. While some state laws may differ, Texas allows the purchase of Delta-8 products without a prescription. Since Delta-8 is derived from hemp plants containing under 0.3% of Delta-9 THC, this makes them legal at the federal level.

When should I not consume these?

If you are pregnant, nursing, or undergoing other health treatment, please consult your primary healthcare providers before ingesting these capsules. Do not take these softgels prior to operating any heavy machinery.

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